Hi! I am a student of economics and an economist-in-making, and you have stumbled upon my blog on matters related to economics. Among the many reasons as to why I started this blog, the foremost was and will always be to improve my understanding of the subject, at large, and instigate discussions and debates on prudent approaches towards reforms and policies. I am not an armchair economist. (Read that sentence twice.) Broadly, I will focus on the Indian economy, and track the economies of a few other emerging and developing nations over the course of time, so as to learn from success stories and failures. Politics, which is usually the channel through which economic reforms pan out, will also occupy some space in my blog. Time and again, I will try to simplify debates on economic matters (unlike how Arnab Goswami does) to benefit the general audience, and discuss how best we can reduce the political clout that affects economic outcomes. Hence the unconventionality.

I believe economists have a major role in implementing public policy with foresight, in improving social outcomes, and in answering the bigger questions of welfare and equality.

Read, understand, comment and critique this blog, and let’s help each other understand the world we live in, and make that same world a better place.

Unconventionally Yours.


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